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Friday, September 21, 2018

To Glorify Christ Jesus

Please read urgent and important message for our friends in the European Union, below the post.
Thanks very much, God bless You. 

To Glorify Christ Jesus

"He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you."
 (John 16:14)

The Holy Ghost Himself cannot better glorify the Lord Jesus than by showing to us Christ's own things.
 Jesus is His own best commendation. 
There is no adorning Him except with his own gold.

The Comforter shows us that which He has received of our Lord Jesus. 
We never see anything aright till He reveals it.
 He has a way of opening our minds and of opening the Scriptures,
 and by this double process He sets forth our Lord to us. 
There is much art in setting forth a matter, and that art belongs in the highest degree to the Spirit of truth.
 He shows us the things themselves.
 This is a great privilege, as those know who have enjoyed the hallowed vision.

Let us seek the illumination of the Spirit; not to gratify our curiosity, 
nor even to bring us personal comfort, so much as to glorify the Lord Jesus. 
Oh, to have worthy ideas of Him!
 Groveling notions dishonor our precious Lord. 
Oh, to have such vivid impressions of His person, and work, 
and glory that we may with heart and soul cry out to His praise! 
Where there is a heart enriched by the Holy Ghost's teaching there will be a Savior glorified beyond expression. 
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly light, and show us Jesus our Lord!

I need a big favor to the European union visitors.
 I want to make sure I comply with the European Union Laws.
Some place in the entire blog has to appear a message about cookies used and data collected via my blogs please let me know, if you can see it. 
According to the Blogger they put it there, 
but now that I'm doing the blogs from Guatemala City, I have not been able to see it and that is the reason I'm asking for your help. 
Please send me an screenshot of the notice.
Please let me know even if you are not able to see it, via Email to: 
 I have not find a way to check and this is the only way I can do it. 
Please help me out I want to continue sharing the precious word of God, otherwise if the message those not appear on any of my blogs, I may have to stop publishing.
 I don't want to break any laws of this world,

 I love Jesus and I want to be obedient to all laws of the land. 
I will appreciate very much friends, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.
 In his precious Holy Name.


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