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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Change of Name

A Change of Name

"And it shall be at that day, saith the Lord, that thou shalt call me Ishi;
 and shalt call me no more Baali; 
For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, 
and they shall no more be remembered by their name." 
(Hosea 2:16-17)

That day has come. 
We view our God no more as Baal, our tyrant lord and mighty master, 
for we are not under law but under grace. 
We now think of Jehovah, our God, as our Ishi, our beloved husband, our lord in love, 
our next-of-kin in bonds of sacred relationship. 
We do not serve Him less obediently, but we serve Him for a higher and more endearing reason. 
We no longer tremble under His lash but rejoice in His love. 
The slave is changed into a child and the task into a pleasure.

Is it so with thee, dear reader? 
Has grace cast out slavish fear and implanted filial love? 
How happy are we in such an experience! 
Now we call the Lord's day a delight, and worship is never a weariness. 

Prayer is now a privilege, and praise is a holiday. 
To obey is heaven; to give to the cause of God is a banquet. 
Thus have all things become new. 
Our mouth is filled with singing and our heart with music. 
Blessed be our heavenly Ishi forever and ever.

Special request:
 I have been praying to God Almighty in relation to my new residence and I need each of you please, to take me in your prayers, I need guidance, favor, and mercy it is one of the most important steps of my life I do not know if He wants me to go to my country, asking God Almighty to open doors wide open for whatever HIS decisions are, 
and to confirm thru his Holy Spirit. 
 He is the #1 in my life and the most important, the purpose of my life is for HIM to increase in every single way that I can share the pure Gospel and I'm certain that HIS Word never comes back void. 
Isaiah 55:11 King James Version (KJV)
So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth:
 it shall not return unto me void, 
but it shall accomplish that which I please, 
and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.